Alpaca Show the 22nd/23rd February in Ilshofen (Germany)

With 12 of our animals we participated to the biggest Alpacashow in Central Europe, together with 320 alpacas from many different countries. 10 of our animals were awarded with a prize by the Australian judge Angela Preuss. Especially the older animals could show big results in the categories of beauty and fleece. In spite of high competition we could keep up with the younger animals on international standards.
Like in the past the organisers brought up a really nice event for humans and animals to enjoy! Thank you very much!
Our results:

Acoriana de Challuma: 2nd Place Fleece
Apollo de Oro: 2ns Place Beauty (9 participants)
Cinar de Oro: 3rd Place Fleece
G.V. Highlander: 1st Place Fleece, 4th Place Beauty (6 participants)
Gris de Choraje: 1st Place Beauty
Jasmin de Oro: 3rd Place Beauty
Liamara de Challuma: 1st Place Beauty
Nala de Oro: 3rd Place Beauty
Niebla de Challuma: 2nd Place Fleece
Pucon de Camana: 1st Place Fleece
Rapanui de Challuma: 1st Place Beauty
Sajama de Challuma: 3rd Place Fleece
Savada de Oro: 3rd Place Beauty (10 participants)
Takuma de Oro: 1st Place Beauty
last Update: 02.12.2022 at 13:26
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