About us and our animals

My wife Sabine and I started breeding New World Camelids, i.e. llamas and alpacas, in 1996. Since then our breeding, called “de Oro”, the oldest in Italy, has become one of the biggest and most successful in Europe. Our herd boasts the largest genetic variety in Europe and at the moment we have about 151 llamas and alpacas residing at our farm.
We aim to select attractive animals both good in character and temperament, but also by looking at the strength of their genetic morphology. Of course their wool must be thick, shiny and of the highest quality too!
Our breeding herd consists of 31 stallions and 77 mares from different blood lines. Every spring they bless us with about 30 foals. The unique suffix “de Oro” is added to every newborn’s name.
All our animals are registered with the Italian Association of Llama & Alpaca Breeders and Keepers as well as with the LAREU (Llama & Alpaca Registries of Europe).
On this website you will find details of all our llamas & alpacas, as well as our activities, news and offers.
The “Newsletter” function allows you to join our mailing list and receive regular information on our farm, our breeding and our beloved animals.

Sabine & Walter Mair
last Update: 08.07.2024 at 07:36
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